Monday, November 17, 2008

Emirates Opening Day

Below are the documents you should bring if you apply to Emirates Airline:
  1. Updated Curriculum Vitae
  2. One full length photo (Business Attire)
That's all.
For the open day, candidates should be well dress. Always in business attire. Guys must be well shave and girls do not use too much of eye lining etc..
Try to have a consistent breakfast because the interview last a whole day! So be well prepare.

There will be two recruiters, and it's always women. They are very pleasant and will always make you at ease, so do not stress or whatever. Stay calm because they try to get the most information from your body language or you way of talking.
For the open day, you will pass a series of tests. There are 4 elimination tests. It means that, you should pass the first test to continue to the second one.
The 4 tests are in order:
  1. Group discussion
  2. Screening Test
  3. Screening Test
  4. Group discussion
The first 3 one are very easy but the last is going to determine you are selected to continue to the final interview. After the 4th test, there is no more elimination test. So you can relax and you can say to yourself, "yeah i've done it":)

Tips from my experience:
  1. Always smile
  2. Do not talk too much nor stay quiet when in discussion group. One phrase may help you goes to the next stage
  3. Remember to have your eyes on everyone when speaking to the whole group. DO NOT WATCH ONLY THE RECRUITER. Just make like if they are not here.
  4. Always participate and try to be natural. DON'T BE FAKE.
  5. Think before talking. Any bullshit will be taken in consideration.
If you succeed, you will be ask to attend the final interview. Next post will be on the final interview. If you have any question, do leave a comment and your mail.


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