Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Im Back!

Hey bloggers...
Sorry for the late updating of my blog..well i'm actually staying in a hotel and still not in my permanent accommodation.
It's been already 3 weeks..everything going find here..for NEWBIE who wants to apply for Emirates, prepare yourself for a very long intensive training:S
Thursday i'll be doing my "last exam" this one is tough! Lots of information...
But what can i say about Dubai, is that everything is fine here...we are very rich though:) Specially Mauritians person!lol
My graduation day is on the 22th january and i'll surely start flying soon...:) Just can't wait for it..
Here's a picture took from my batch..lovely persons..

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samuel ochanji said...

Where are you!Keep us updated on Emirates and we would love to learn more about the rigorous recruitment process!Happy Flying!!!!